HeartWoodHealing Space

“Simplify. Clear away the dead wood in your life. Look for the heartwood and give it the first call on your time; the best of your energy”

I set up the HeartWood Healing Space in 2018 to support my own journey of recovery. I wanted space for healing that recognised the deep interconnection between collective liberation and spirituality. It also came out a desire to expand our current horizons of what healing work can look like.

The workshops I organise are intimate and accessible. For further information send an email to nolicreates@gmail.com.

Examples of events below

Mourning Circles:

Mourning Capitalism

“grieve. so that you can be free to feel something else.”
– Nayyirah Waheed

This evening we want to come together to share stories and create a shared ritual to mourn how capitalism/scarcity thinking/financial insecurity affects our lives. Share your experiences. Whatever this topic brings up for you please come and share.

This could mean mourning how we have treated our bodies as instruments for production. Mourning the constant worrying and stress around financial security. Mourning making choices out of economic necessity rather than joy. Mourning the inequality that this system creates. Mourning how we shame ourselves when we aren’t able to ‘keep up’. Mourning experiences of poverty.

The impact of capitalism is differentially experienced. However my hope is that the more we all deeply connect to how capitalism doesn’t meet our needs and harms us the stronger our commitment towards alternatives becomes.

By mourning capitalism we make it visible.

Art Workshops

Sci-Fi Yourself: Writing yourself in to the world

“It is above all by the imagination that we achieve perception and compassion and hope.”
– Ursula K. Le Guin

This healing sessions is about opening a space for radical imagination. To take out some time for visioning through writing. The main question that will guide us is what conditions, inner and outer, would allow you (and those you love) to thrive most?

Sci-fi has always been about radically re-imaging. Being able to see beyond what there is now. This is key for activism but also for processes of recovery and self-change. Without a vision of how we could be or how the world could be we cannot begin changing it.

Nothing is too wild.

Do you need the end of capitalism? What would there be in the place of that? How do you imagine your place within that world? What do you look like? Do you need to have automated cats licking your knees all day long? What do you need?

This evening we hope to spend some time writing ourselves in to the world. Whatever you come up with is amazing and valid.

Draw Your Inner Voices

Inner liberation involves truly getting to know our selves. It involves getting to understand deeply the workings of internalized oppression. What voices do we have in our head on a daily basis and what do they tell us? In order to liberate ourselves from inner voices that might be harming us we first need to identify them and build a relationship to them. We need to become curious towards them.

We hope to do this through drawing them. By giving these voices shapes and colours we are able to build more distance between them and us and reduce the power they have over us. They are not us. They are just voices that through our development in life came to be part of us.

Drawing can also gives us more answers as to why this voice came to be in your head in the first place. Who does this voice remind you of? Where did you first encounter them perhaps? These are the next steps but firstly we invite you to come and see what is there.

There will be an option for sharing at the end but mostly you are welcome to come and just do this work on your own. It is helpful if you already have a basis in inner work.

Play Workshops

Play Dates

Play is ‘To engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.’

This can mean doing games like hide and seek but also more imagination based improvisation games. For this workshop the play is adjusted to the needs and desires of the participants as well as the group size.

Why play?

Play is about exploring, being curious, letting go, being in the moment, joy, imagination, affirming each other, taking risks and delving in to the imagination.

Many of us have lost our ability to play because of fear of judgment and rejection. We are scared to look silly or that our efforts to connect to others will be met with rejection. We also don’t consider it ‘useful’.

Play is about healing from this.
But mostly it is just fun.

What is play not?

Play is not about having to prove you are fun. Play is not about going beyond your own chosen boundaries.

For more information on the principles of play check out this document.